System structure

The NPW LDS architecture is hierarchical:

  • Pressure transmitters = data acquisition
  • Measurement stations = PT signal processing, NPW detection
  • Communication system = transparent, bi-directional data transfer
  • Central station = top level of LDS, leak calculation
  • Alarm & visualization system = PAS LDS server or existing/third party SCADA/DCS

It is also possible to build a local data exchange on Measurement stations level, when the LDS stations co-exist with a local SCADA/DCS controller: the signal from LDS pressure transmitter is always dedicated to LDS station, but it can share the pressure locally.

LDS stations can also execute standard SCADA tasks, like valve control, non-LDS measurements, security circuits monitoring and other pipeline automation. This part of station software can be written and maintained by our team or by a third-party partner organization, as the station software is based on standard B&R programming tools (Automation Studio).