Central station

The Central station is based on the same programmable controller by Bernecker&Rainer. Obviously, there are no measurement interfaces on it. The central station calculates the leak presence, location and time of the leak opening. It can protect more pipelines simultaneously; one of our central stations covers seven pipeline sections / 31 measurement stations / 860 km; we haven’t reached its capacity limit yet.

The Central station can be connected to the dedicated PAS LDS visualization server. It can be also connected to a third-party LDS server, where an additional leak detection system, for example RTTM based, is running. This server will then present the LDS PAS detection results. The third option is to share the leak detection results from LDS central station to (existing or new) SCADA visualization system.

The central station is normally installed at the control room among SCADA servers. It comes in DIN-rail design.

The Central station controller
Manufacturer Bernecker&Rainer, www.br-automation.com
Base PLC Model X20CPU model line
  Intel ATOM 1.0 GHz, 512 MB DDR2 RAM,
1 MB SRAM, 8GB Compact Flash memory card
Interfaces RS232, 2x Ethernet RJ45, 2x USB
Communication Modbus TCP, OPC server, other by request
Power supply 24 VDC, 20W
Installation DIN rail
Diagnostic LED status indicators at CPU