Industrial automation

Most of our implementations are turnkey deliveries, comprising analysis, project documentation, field and control room instrumentation, development of application software, implementation and following maintenance. Thus the PAS company name can be also read a „Project - Application - Service“.

Chemical industry - we deliver control systems for production lines, storage farms, certified measurement, quality and safety monitoring, sewage water treatment plants.

Mining industry - we run control systems for conveyor belts, machines for underground and surface extraction, coal mixers and grinders, coal processing plants, sampling, quality monitoring, packing systems, pump stations, safety and environmental monitoring.

Energy production - our control systems cover coal supply automation, boiler control, energy flow and balance calculations, we deliver control systems for central heating monitoring and distribution, ecological biofuel power plant control.

Industrial automation - standard process control tasks like automation of production lines, industrial safety, quality monitoring, measurement and data collection and processing. We provide automation for heating and air conditioning systems for factories and commercial centers, schools, hospitals, warehouses and production buildings. We also deliver security systems and central monitoring panels.

We can’t present here all 1400+ applications we have delivered since ’91. The following examples were selected to illustrate the width of industrial automation tasks, that our company covers.