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PAS Process Automation Systems Ltd.

PAS Process Automation Systems Ltd. is private Czech company, established in 1991. Our business was started to satisfy the need of new automation technologies in Czech industry.

Major part of our engineers and technicians had roots in chemical industry automation. Thus the first projects we had finished were concerning into this kind of industry. Since the early days we have worked on large projects with major Czech refinery Česká Rafinérská and with our petrochemical leader Chemopetrol Litvínov.

The application range is wide – from simple process control to large information system. We should mention here fire extinguish system on a tank field, certified measurement of ethanol production, control system for plastic production transport. We have also built control system on Prague airport jet fuel distribution.

The advantage of our company location in north-west part of Bohemia played key role in our prosperity in coal mining industry and power engineering automation. We had started a long and successful cooperation with Czech mining giant, Appian Group. The applications cover underground mining control, methane and carbon monoxide monitoring, conveyor belts and coal mixing control system. Last years our customer rapidly improves environmental protection and we helped here with control systems for sewage water treatment plants.

There is only small step from coal industry to power engineering. In our region it's usually some twenty kilometers. The first power plant application we made was control of central heating system for power plant Komořany, supplying three cities with hot water and heat. Later we have built several remote operated outstations for better distribution parameters. Inside the power plants you can meet our control systems on boilers, switch rooms, control rooms, water and fly ash treatment.

In 1997 we have developed the unique system for pipeline leakage detection. Our Leak Detection System – LDS can detect even small amounts of leaking fuel, crude oil nowadays also gas. Moreover, it can evaluate the location of the leak with accuracy better than 20 meters on hundred kilometers long pipe. This system is now operated on hundreds of kilometers of pipelines in Czech republic, Ukraine and Russia.

Meanwhile we had still looked for a new territory, where to apply our automation experiences, and then we found a new and growing market on building control systems. Now we have installations of control system in the city hospital in Most, in several schools and supermarkets. This is the last of three legs our company stands on – industry, pipelines and building control.

PAS Process Automation Systems is young and dynamic company. We have twenty employees and the annual turn-over is about two millions USD. We have application programmers, development unit, project designers and production workshops. Our company is ISO-9001 certified.

Most of our applications are key deliveries, from project through production to installation and service. You can read then our company name PAS also as Project – Application – Service.



Leden 2014

- předání Studie detekce průchodu čistícího pístu Net4Gas, ČR

Srpen 2010
- předání systému LDS Zapoljarnyj (Gazprom, Ruská federace)

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